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For further information please call our salon.

What is IPL/ How does IPL work?

Aculight uses Intense Pulsed Light to provide permanent hair reduction. The light is absorbed by pigments in the hair which heats up follicles and destroys them without damaging surrounding skin.

Is IPL permanent?

Yes. It will permanently destroy hair follicles that are in the growing phase on the day of treatment. It will not affect follicles without hair hence we recommend a series of treatments.

How many IPL treatments will I require?

You will need 4-12 treatments on each area. For further information please book a free consultation and talk to our Aculite specialist.

How much is IPL?

Prices start from £24 per treatment.

Is IPL laser?

No. IPL is more effective and treats a wider range of skin and hair colours.

Is IPL as good as laser hair removal?

Yes. IPL is able to remove a larger variety of hair and treat all skin types.

How long is an IPL treatment?

Small areas can take as little as 10 minutes, larger areas obviously take longer.

What are the side effects of IPL hair removal?

A patch test will determine the correct setting for you to ensure no side effects. If your skin is sensitive to heat treatments a slight pinkness may occur but this will disappear within hours.

Can IPL burn the skin?

In rare cases it is possible to cause a mild reaction similar to sunburn. The trained operator will always perform a patch test, so no problems should occur.

Does IPL hurt?

IPL is less painful than waxing and electrolysis.

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